What My Clients Say


Been a pleasure, I think the site really came out nice, but of course I’m partial.

Great work, Diane. This is a really strong story…

TOP SHELF WRITING!! Thank you to the moon and back, Diane!!

Thanks for another great article! I’ll be in touch regarding the July issue.  


​Your coaching has been every bit as valuable as your editing.

Diane thank you so much. I really would not be able to keep up with the Facebook page and certainly not do as good a job as you have been doing in regards to the postings.

“love your tweets!”

“I’m impressed with what Diane wrote. It’s really top-of-the-line. It talks to the customer, which is exactly what my Action Coach has been urging me to do.”

Thanks for the update Diane! You are on top of it!!!   

“I like this version a lot…you did well covering a difficult topic.”

You added style and personality… that’s been missing.​

This is great, Diane. Just what I needed. I will schedule it for July.

Good read. Good job. We've been really happy with your work.

“Awesome. Super. Wonderful. Now I’m out of superlatives…but you get the idea. Really appreciate the clever, friendly tone, with good advice, suggestions, and ideas. Spot on.”

You can give my name out as a reference at anytime – I would have only good things to say!!

Everyone in our company got a kick out of it, and we are very pleased with the nice exposure to technology savvy readers. Thanks very much for your care and skill in explaining our product.​


As always, your suggestions are perfect. Thanks for all of your hard work.
 hard work

This is really good stuff. It has been awesome to watch you craft this story.

Great post! … I’m going to add it to our twitter and facebook account now.

Thanks again for taking the time to research and prepare this great article.

First off, major kudos to Diane: He loved your content! He was very impressed with your research!

This is fantastic! Really got what we are looking for. Just so so so good.

I love the nut references, and your writing style.

Diane, Loved the article! Great job. Thank you so much.

…the description is one of the most well-written I’ve read…

Your voice on this one is vintage Diane – upbeat, fun and informative.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve contributed over the years!! 

Sadly, there are a lot of people for whom I have to do a LOT of hand holding.  You are not one of them. 

~ ~ ~

I don’t make this stuff up 😉 These are direct quotes from real clients. References are available upon request.