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Author & Speaker

Long ago, a publisher said to me, “We need a writer who hikes or a hiker who can write.” That conversation turned into the best assignment I ever had. I’ve written three editions of the Northeast Ohio hiking guide, 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Cleveland. I have also published a humorous essay collection, and am awaiting publication of my third book, a humorous, nonfiction ditty about vegetables. That’s right, funny vegetables. You’re going to love it.

Ohio Freelance Features Writer

Tell people you’re a writer and they’re likely to ask, but what’s your real job? I’m a Content Manager, Technical Writer, and Business Consultant who provides clients with insight and advice on customer service, operations, employee relations, pricing, and other things.

And sometimes, my clients ask me to write comic books. Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet gig.

Web Content Manager, Journalist, & Technical Writer

I had great time working for a Webby Award-winning parenting website for a few years. This included reviewing water parks and other family attractions, as part of the job. At least briefly, my kids thought I was cool.

Life as a freelance writer isn’t always that much fun. My experience also includes reporting on local government meetings, publishing newsletters for businesses and municipalities, and writing feature articles on Ohio’s people and places. (I love travel writing!) I have been a regular contributor to major metropolitan newspapers (remember those?) and trade and consumer magazines, with bylines in Cleveland Plain Dealer, Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio Magazine, Cleveland Parent, Christian Science Monitor, Computer Buyers Guide & Handbook, TechEdge, and others. I have ghostwritten articles appearing in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. Sometimes even I’m a bit surprised at some of the things I write – of course, I only do the interviewing and research; the expert sources deserve the credit.

For more than 12 years, I wrote about employment law and issues including EEOC Compliance, Adverse Action, and other legal matters related to background screening, FRCA compliance, reducing employee theft, retail staffing, identity verification solutions, and related trends. For several years I also wrote medically-reviewed articles on a variety of topics and conditions, including the convergence of medicine and technology, and telemedicine policy. All of which was fascinating…but not nearly as much fun as reviewing waterparks or getting paid to hike and travel.

Ohio Travel Writer

While I am not actively seeking assignments, I am always interested in writing about Ohio, nature, travel, and dogs 😉 Please contact me about potential writing assignments here or on LinkedIn. For business consulting or web content work, please contact me through Nurture Marketing & Communications.

Communications Consultant

SEO and social media strategies are important. But there’s a lot more to business writing. With a background in customer service, marketing and operations, I specialize in communications that work with your business practices to ensure that your customers and employees are on the same page. I think that’s the best way to do business. If you feel the same way, please visit Nurture Marketing & Communications.