Writing samples*

Getting paid to read and write about books… yeah, it’s a pipedream. But, once upon a time, I did that. Here’s a review that quotes one of my reviews, about The Burn Journals. The world is weird.

Exercise to Prevent Gallbladder Problems, Everyday Health

The Link Between Gallbladder Problems and Diabetes, Everyday Health

True or False: We Only Use 10% of Our Brains, EBSCO Publishing

True of False: Using a Cell Phone Increases the Risk of a Brain Tumor, EBSCO Publishing

True or False: It’s Safe to Drink Your Own Urine, EBSCO Publishing

The Beauty of Biomimicry, TECH EDGE Magazine ~~ lucky me! I got to interview the legendary Janine Benyus for this article.

Plasma Screens and the Future of Display Technology, Tech News World

Email: Still the One for Developers, Linux Insider

A number of my articles for the Tech News World group of (then, print((!!)) magazines can be found at the publisher’s website. When I look at the list now, I am struck by how much has stayed the same. Twenty years after writing about early CRM implementations I know they are still quite problematic, and they don’t necessarily benefit customers/consumers. Artificial caregivers? Well, some advances have helped both patients and medical professionals – others, not so much. And handheld learning devices? I’m not even gonna go there.

“If our bodies functioned like computers, we’d be extinct” is one of my favorite quotes from an interview. See the whole thing in the article What’s Good About Computer Viruses?

* Some of these articles are pretty dated. The author is not responsible if you start having flashbacks.