Some Travel Writing Advice and Paying Markets in 2024

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Welcome! I created this list as a takeaway for travel writing presentation attendees, and plan to update it a few times a year. If you have a publication to add to this list of paying markets for travel writing, please contact me.

Good news/bad news about travel writing: According to the State of Travel Writing 2024, “I think travel PR is now fully in control of travel writing, as the resources for travel media companies to fund original travel writing has decreased or gone to zero.” 

While that’s rather disheartening, Frayed Passport disagrees, suggesting that small publishers are doing a nice job filling the gap.

What about beginning a Career as a Travel Writer in 2024? Again, there’s not a lot of well-founded encouragement out there (if you want to make money). Starting your own blog is basically the fall-back advice.

There is no shortage of advice and education, however. I can’t recommend spending thousands on courses in travel writing – I think we’d all rather spend the money on traveling! – but maybe taking a class or two that’s less than the cost of a good travel bag is a reasonable move. Here are some travel writing workshops under $100.

Paying Markets for Travel Writing

Hemispheres (United in-flight magazine):

The ‘3 Perfect Days’ feature focuses on flawless experiences in fabulous destinations, but some features are more realistic, like 6 Places to See Around Indianaopolis’ Circle City Industrial Complex 😉

Southwest no longer has an inflight magazine, but you can submit an article to its blog. I’m pretty sure it’s a non-paying feature, but the Southwest logo is so bright and happy-looking, I had to include it. (Photo credit: Southwest Airlines.)

Arts in the Midwest pays $500-$3000 per assignment!

Belt Magazine – I really enjoy the writing in Belt. It focuses on the Midwest, Great Lakes, Great Plains, and Appalachia. The magazine pays for some features.

Aramco World – Aramco’s niche: stories about people and places with Arab or Islamic cultural connections. Pay is pretty good!  

UPenn current calls for paper on travel writing: hurry, the 2024 book submission deadline is July 1!    

Ohio Traveler If you have a press release on any Ohio attraction, this is the place to send it. The online publication has just one section open to submissions, which is Pieces of Ohio. The section highlights Ohio-related displays in other states. In late May, owner and publisher Frank Satullo said via email, “People are free to email their Pieces of Ohio for posting consideration to Thank you for thinking of OhioTraveler.”  Generally, Ohio Traveler features are not paid.

Best Advice for Travel Writers

Enjoy the writing process! Even if you don’t become a famous travel writer and household name, people will enjoy reading your stories.

For my part, I will add and delete items and update publication details when I do. #goodintentions

All of the spots in the images below are within a 2-hour drive of Cleveland. Don’t know where they are? Contact me for a clue…and consider getting out to explore your backyard! (I know a book that can help.)

Presque Isle!
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